Sunday, March 18, 2012

Villanova Math Department sponsors a Starfish Scholar!

Most people don't think too much of March 14 -- but every math nerd knows that Pi Day is a special holiday! (Starfish's co-founder Beth Awalt was a math major at Villanova.)

This year, Villanova student and Math Club president Jessica Carroll wanted to do something special to commemorate Pi Day. Jessica decided to hold a bake sale for The Starfish Foundation! Check out the bake sale ad and Beth's article in the Math Department newsletter.

In a mere few hours, Jessica and the Villanova Math Department (supported largely by Marie O'Brien and Lorraine McGraw) raised enough money to sponsor a Starfish Scholar for one year! In the days that followed, over $285 was raised. Thank you Jessica, Marie and the VU Math Department!

Want to fundraise for Starfish with your school or organization? Email for more info!

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