Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet the Students: Parte Tres

In this week's edition of Meet the Students - meet Joselyn, Briggitte and Dayana, 3 students from Flor de Bastión who all participated last year in our tutoring program!


My name is Joselyn.  I live in Flor de Bastión.  I study at “Batalla de Tarqui” high school.  I am in 9th grade.  I am 15 years old.  I was born on November 16th.  I like to listen to music – especially vallentato.  I like passion fruit.  My favorite food is lentils.  I don’t like fish.  I like to read and I like math.  When I’m older I want to be a police officer or join the Marines.  My favorite colors are electric blue and light green.


My name is Briggitte.  I go to “26 de Noviembre” high school.  I really like my school.  I was born September 18th.  I have one sister with whom I share a lot of things.  This year I hope to keep up with my studies so that I can reach my goals.  In the future I want to be a police officer.  It’s my dream and I know I can achieve it with the help of God and of my parents.


My name is Dayana.  I am 13 years old.  I go to “26 de Noviembre” high school.  My favorite colors are blue and pink.  I am in 7th grade.  I like to study.  My favorite subject is math, but I don’t like social studies.  When I’m older I want to be a doctor or a teacher.  I hope to reach my dreams.  Even though I don’t have my dad, I will work even harder with my mom and my siblings.  My mom is also finishing her studies and I hope she can reach her dreams as well.  My favorite food is chicken and rice with soup.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet the Students: Parte Dos

Meet 3 of our new students in the Guasmo neighborhood: Nagelhi, Jamileth & Odalis!  This is the second part of a multi-part series on our new scholars.  They are pretty awesome and we thought you should know just how awesome they are!


Nagelhi was a tutoring student last year, and earned her scholarship this year with her consistent attendance and positive attitude!  Her older brother Geovanny is a third-year Starfish Scholar.  Nagelhi writes, "My name is Nagelhi,  I am 13 years old.  I like to play soccer.  My favorite subject is Math because I like numbers.  My family is united and sometimes we play and laugh and do other fun things.  I have 3 siblings.  Their names are: Geovanny, Genesis and Jostin.  I like to play and have fun with them.  I like Starfish because they teach me a lot and I like when we play soccer and go on


Jamileth is new to Starfish this year.  Above she is pictured with her mom and sister.  Jamileth tells us, "My name is Jamileth.  My goals for this year are to get good grades and pass 7th grade so that I can be successful."


Odalis is also new to Starfish this year, but so far has been a great addition to afternoon group. The afternoon group has most of our older students, and she has fit right in and is always very respectful and a very hard worker.  Odalis writes, "Hi my name is Odalis.  I am 15 years old.  My goals for this year are to pass 10th grade and get better grades.  I like to listen to music while I study."

Stay tuned for the next part of "Meet the Students"!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Integration Day

This past weekend we had our first "Integration Day" of 2014, where our Scholars from both Guasmo and Flor de Bastión had the chance to recreate and converse during a day of fun-filled sun and sports!

2014-2015 Starfish Scholars
Switching it up from past Integration Days, we decided not to have either neighborhood host, but instead we took the kids to a local park, Parque Samanes.  Over a year ago, the government opened the first phase of what will be one of the 3 biggest parks in all of Latin America. We played soccer and basketball, and enjoyed using the exercise equipment.  

New Starfish Scholars had a blast getting to know each other, while our returning Scholars had a chance to catch up with old friends.  The best part - this park is free and we hope our students are able to go back soon with their families.  

Scholars Maria and Solange with Employees Lissette, Cynthia and Yuliana

Relaxing after a hot day in the sun!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meet some of our new Scholars!

23 of our 41 Scholars are new this year - though most of them participated in our tutoring program last year.  And don't forget that some of them still need Sponsors. Even if you are not able to make a financial commitment at this time, you may still be able to participate as a pen pal!

We asked all of our students to write a short introduction for all of you.  Today we present to you Gema & Miguel, both new Scholarship students in Flor de Bastión.  Both participated in our tutoring program last year!



I am 14 years old.
What would you like to be when you grow up?
I would like to be a surgeon or I would also like to have a Beauty Salon and be able to live off what I earn.
Favorite Food
Pork Chops with Lentils and Rice
Draw, Paint, Play and do a lot of things
Favorite Pets
Dogs, Rabbits
Favorite Fruit
Strawberries, grapes, green mangoes

I study at Dolores Sucre High School . I am in 1er bachillerato (10th grade).  I have 2 brothers, with me we're 3.  I favorite color is bright blue.  My favorite dessert is Tres Leches and my favorite candy is Galak (chocolate).  My favorite subjects are Chemistry and Computer.


My name is: Miguel.


I like music.  In my free time I play soccer.  Sometimes I like to watch horror movies, but most of the time I watch calmer movies.  I favorite subjects is Science.  I like to read the Bible.  I am getting ready to participate in my church groups.

On Mondays when we go to school I have to wear a special formal uniform.  I study at Maritza Thalia High School.  I have 4 siblings.  When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian.  My favorite food is rice with lentils and meat.  My favorite fruits are apples, pears, raspberries and watermelon.