Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meet "los padres" - the parents! And much more...

Last week our parents joined us for the first parents meeting of the 2013 school year.  We talked about the progress of their kids, as well as planned for some exciting, upcoming events.

Parents in Flor de BastiĆ³n contributing their ideas for the upcoming Integration Day.

Our May monthly meeting with the scholarship students was also exciting.  We had a lot of fun playing  some great ice breakers...

and learning about healthy eating habits!

Special thanks to Michaela S. from Villanova University for her nutrition analysis of the Starfish scholars, as well as SueAnne L. and Cigna for their generous donation of toothbrushes for the scholars!

For our Spanish speaking friends we have an exciting new addition to our updates this year - a monthly parent newsletter.  Starfish Co-Director Jenn designed the first one as an example to the students and parents, but from here on out a group of 2-3 students will help design the newsletter each month.  We hope this gives the students a great way to reflect on their work, while also helping to keep their parents more informed of what they do while they are at Starfish.  Each newsletter will include updates on what we've done and will also feature work done by some of our students.  Check out the first issue given out last week at the parent meeting!

June Parent Newsletter

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