Thursday, February 13, 2014

Field Trip for Guayaquil's Best Students

A few weekends ago, three Starfish students were awarded the honor to attend a Scout field trip for the students with the best grades for this first half of this school year.  5 high schools participated - of those 5 schools - Starfish has students in 2 - and 3 of our students were selected to attend!!!

Here, Cristhian and Eddy share a few words about their experience, while below are some pictures from Maria's group!

"It was awesome because we were in groups with kids from other high schools that we didn't know before.  We did a lot of icebreaker activities and they taught us funny songs.  After we showered, we did more icebreakers and we played soccer.

The next day, they woke us up really early and we did some exercises.  Later we had to help clean up the area.  Later they taught us how to do different kinds of knots and the Dinapen (part of the Police force - National Police Specializing in Children and Adolescents) gave us a talk about drugs.

Later, they taught us to put up and take down tents and when we went swimming I learned how to swim.  We also went on a 3 or 4 hour hike and when we got back it was already nighttime.  That night we played "rubbi scout" until midnight and then we went to shower and go to bed.

The next days, we cleaned up our tents and brought them to the coliseum.  Then we had to wait for the bus to take us back home.  It was a great experience."  ~Eddy (& Cristhian!)

"Me pareció chevere porque hicimos grupos con otros chicos del colegio que no nos relacionábamos, después hicimos dinámicas, nos enseñaron músicas chistosas.  Luego de bañarnos, nos hicieron hacer más dinámicas y jugar pelota.

Al día siguiente nos levantaron de mañanita y hicimos ejercicio y luego limpiamos el perímetro, luego nos enseñaron a hacer diferentes clases de nudos y la Dinapen nos dio una charla sobre las drogas.

Nos enseñaron a armar y desarmar carpas, fuimos a la piscina y aprendí nadar.  Hicimos una caminata de 3 a 4 horas más o menos y cuando regresamos ya era de noche.  Esa noche luego de cenar jugamos rubbi scout hasta las 12am y luego nos fuimos a bañar.  

Al día siguiente arreglamos y limpiamos la carpa y luego la llevamos al coliseo y después nos hicieron esperar el autobus para regresar a casa.  Para mi fue una experiencia maravillosa." - Eddy

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