Thursday, April 10, 2014

Year-End Family Olympics

Last month when school ended here in Guayaquil, we held a day long event that brought both Starfish neighborhoods together for a fun-filled day of fun!

This was a great event as it was the first time parents from both neighborhoods had the chance to meet each other as well!

This year's Olympics started with a sack race, an egg on a spoon race, and an obstacle course based on a popular show in Ecuador, "Calle 7". 

Next, we had our adult soccer tournament followed by the students' tournament.  This year we had 8 teams - made up of both students and their families.  

The black team and the light blue team met in the championship game, where the light blue team, "Los Sky Blue" won in penalties.

At the end of the tournament, we also had a chance to celebrate all of our scholars and tutoring students.  We recognized all of their hard work with a certificate noting excellence in one or all of the four categories measured by our Battle Star Chart - Grades, Behavior, Community Service and Attendance.  

We also selected two overall winners in each neighborhood.  These girls had the highest overall total of stars on the chart, plus excellence in all 4 categories.  Congratulations to two of our youngest scholars, 12 year old Briggitte from Guasmo and 13 year old Arelisa from Flor de Bastión.  (Fun fact: Arelisa is a repeat winner in Flor and last year Briggitte's older brother Steve won in Guasmo!)  

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