Monday, February 18, 2013

Our top "battle star" winner in Flor: ARELISA!

Arelisa is a ball of energy. She is the first to speak up when decisions need to be made or responsibilities need to be completed. Measuring in at a good 6 inches shorter than most of the other Scholars does not stop her from asserting her opinions. She consistently brought in the best grades all year out of all Flor de Bastión Scholars. She is a great leader from head to toe. She can take charge of a meeting, quiet a crowd, and knows when to take a step back.

Arelisa, working on nutrition activities at a Starfish meeting in November, with a healthy bowl of yogurt for a snack.

One of my favorite leadership moments with Arelisa all year was when we were electing officers for our tutoring program - President, VP, etc. The obvious choice would have had her in one of these top roles. But she pulled me aside first..."Jenn, don't you think Milena would make a great President? I know she's quiet but I think we need new leaders." 

Milena, working on some homework.

Wow! Milena ended up being elected President by her peers based on Arelisa's campaign to elect someone new with lots of potential. Arelisa was able to recognize in her peer a quiet potential for leadership that has blossomed into a great balance of leadership within our Flor de Bastion Starfish Scholars. These are the kinds of skills we wish to see in our Scholars. With more leadership like Arelisa's I have lots of faith that our scholars will help transform their families, their communities and the world!

Evelyn, Samantha, Milena, Lili and Arelisa at the September Starfish "Integration" Day -- an event focused on building community between Scholars in both neighborhoods!

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