Thursday, February 7, 2013

School's out for "summer"!

The school year has ended.  Our students just finished taking their final exams and are ready for vacation!  One way Starfish was able to help this year was to support our students in some special projects and practicums required of our older students.  Betsabeth shares with us all that she learned from her experience participating in a play as part of her Language Arts class!

Picture above is the set Betsabeth helped assemble and paint!
She writes...
"The House of Dolls"
This is a play about a husband that treats his wife like a doll and at the same time they have other problems because the wife also tricks him with the lawyer.  This play was really great because we learned how to understand the various characters.  It was great because we all supported each other.  Also we understood that this isn't just a play but it happens in real life too.  This helped us to reflect on many things that we sometimes ignore and we were able to understand that we can't hurt the people we love the most!

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