Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet Danny - a new Starfish Scholar!

Meet Danny & learn about what he did over his break from school!

Danny is a new Starfish Scholar for the 2013-2014 school year.  He is in 10mo año (equivalent to 9th grade in the U.S.) and is 14 years old.  In his free time he likes to play competitive sports, especially canoeing, swimming and track.  He also plays guitar.  When asked who his personal hero is he said, "My dad because he is always with me when I need him".  Today Danny shares with us in his own words what he did one weekend over school break.

Danny with some new friends at the first Starfish meeting of the year.

"How did you spend your vacation?"

I went on a trip to Salinas with my friends to compete in the Kayatholon of Salinas.  First we arrived in Salinas.  We stayed at the Naval Base  We left our clothes in our room. Then we went out for a walk for a bit.  When it was nighttime we went to eat dinner with my coach.  After that we returned to the Naval Base.  I stayed up talking until the early morning with my friends.  The next day we went to the beach to compete with my friends in all the competitions.  We had a great time.  After the competition we took pictures, we went swimming and from there we returned to the Naval Base.  We packed up all our clothes and we went back to our houses. We had a great time!

"Como pasaste tus vacaciones?"

Me fui de viaje a Salinas con unos amigos a competir en el Kayathlon de Salinas.  Primero llegamos a Salinas.  Nos hospedamos en la Base Naval.  De ahí dejamos nuestra ropa.  Salimos a caminar un rato. Cuando era de noche nos fuimos a comer con mi entrenador.  Después regresamos a la Base.  Después nos quedamos hasta la madrugada conversando con mis amigos.  Al siguiente día nos fuimos a la playa a competir con mis amigos en toda la competencia.  La pasamos super bien.  Después de la competencia nos tomamos fotos, nos bañamos y de ahí nos fuimos a la Base Naval.  De ahí todos guardamos nuestra ropa y nos regresamos a nuestras casas y la pasamos super bien.

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