Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet Sylvie - our newest volunteer!

About 2 weeks ago we received another volunteer.  Sylvie is a language and tourism major who joins us from Italy on her college break.  This week she shares with us a little bit about her first couple of weeks in Ecuador!

Sylvie and Abigail working on some English homework in Flor de Bastión!

"When I came from Italy around two weeks ago in order to be a volunteer in the Starfish Foundation I didn't know what to expect.  Now I can tell you that I am really happy to be here!  The family where I live, the children who attend the "refuerzo" program, the family where sometimes I have lunch, the Ecuadorian Starfish employees, and of course, Jenn make me feel good everyday.

It is great to get in touch with a new culture in a different way: I can say that I am not a "tourist" just coming to Ecuador to take pictures of the landscapes, but I am here to give my contribution helping the Starfish Foundation, which is making a big effort to improve education in Flor de Bastión and Guasmo.  I admire the care and enthusiasm that the Starfish employees have for their job and it is a pleasure to see how the children are grateful to them.  They are very nice, they are happy to learn and I really appreciate when they are interested in my different culture and country.  I often sit with some of them chatting a lot about everything, and I think that is a great opportunity to learn besides just doing homework.

Sylvie & Briggette in Guasmo

Living with a family in Guasmo is something that I will never forget: I come from a totally different reality and what I expected was to learn about the Ecuadorian lifestyle, and that's exactly what I am doing.

I think that an experience as a volunteer in the Starfish Foundation is something that everybody should do in his/her life.  I am sure that when I go back to Italy I will be a different person and I am sure that I will always keep in my heart this month in Ecuador and the great people I have met."

Sylvie with Melani and Adrian, children of Starfish employee Maricruz.


  1. E senz'altro una bella esperienza.I bambini sono la parte migliore di tutte le società, ma purtroppo sono anche i più indifesi e la povertà di educazione soprattutto influisce in modo determinante sulle loro scelte future. Mi auguro che la tua presenza rallegri un po' i loro studi!!

  2. E senz'altro un'esperienza interessante soprattutto per il rapporto umano che riesci a instaurare con i ragazzini. E stata una scelta coraggiosa che sarà, spero, gratificante.Luciana