Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meet Alexander - First Year Scholar!

Meet Alexander - a first-year Starfish Scholar, also entering his first year of high school at the age of 16.  Alexander is not your typical student, and because of his age, he will have to study on the weekend "A Distancia," something like getting your GED as an adult in the U.S. He will probably be the youngest in his class, but he is excited to have the opportunity to continue studying.

Alexander previously studied at another foundation here in Guayaquil that offers a formal education, as well as a soccer team, catechism - and a place to live for many of its students.  Alexander doesn't remember how he ended up alone, because he was very little, but he does not know his biological family.  His first memories are being passed from foundation to foundation as they found the right fit for him.  His passion is soccer.  At the last foundation where he was he was able to join the team, and will continue to play with them during the week while he studies on the weekends.

Alexander (center) with his First Communion Sponsors.  (Starfish Scholar Lili on the right).
At the last foundation, apart from soccer, he also found a place in the youth group.  Alexander is a reserved teen - openly admitting that if he's not out playing soccer with his friends, he'd much rather be in his room listening to music by himself.  However, while participating in Catechism and youth group, he met a great group of people - some of whom were already Starfish Scholars!  One of them, Lili, became his sponsor for First Communion this past December.  (In Ecuador you have Sponsors or Godparents for every important accomplishment in the Church and school, not just Baptism and Confirmation.)  Lili brought him to her home to share the holidays with her family, and after 2 weeks, he was already part of the family.  Lili's mom went to the foundation to do the paperwork, and now Alexander is the latest addition to Lili's family - and to our Starfish family.  We are excited to empower him to make his dreams come true.

Alexander at his surprise birthday party this past January!
Alexander with his adoptive mom, Elena, after participating in the Ecuadorian tradition of
 having your face smashed in your birthday cake!

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