Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Project in Guasmo: Day 1

Today we had to wake up really early because we had to get to Mi Cometa by 9 a.m. When we got there 4 kids were upstairs working on their homework. We asked if they needed any help with the homework, but they all said they knew how to do it. Maria was done with her homework already so Martin gave her the camera and let her roam free while he created a guideline list of what they could take pictures of. We had a list of 15 things and were able to get the kids really interested in the camera. 

When all the kids finished we went to the roof and took pictures of stuff there.  We told the kids to use their imagination and take whatever type of photos they wanted. We took some silly photos, too. The kids got really creative! Then we went down the street. Esteve took a really good photo of a tree that might have been my favorite photo of the day. They also took photos of caterpillars, hearts, shoes, the street, and of the organization. 

After we were done in the streets we went up to the roof and the kids wanted to play the ninja game again. Then they taught us some of the games that the kids play. It was interesting to learn the games that the children play. One we had to slap hands then the person it ended on called out a person and they would have to try to step on someones foot and if they missed the person they went after calls out another name. The other game was like hot potato playing with a scrunchie and someone else behind calling out something. The only difference was that if you do get caught with the scrunchie then you have to do a dare. I had lost so they took a picture of me acting like a monkey. 

After we took a lot of photos and played games we went back downstairs and worked on a puzzle with the kids. We had started the puzzle when the kids had to go back to get ready for school. We sent them off then went to go eat because we had time to kill before the other kids were going to get there. We waited and waited and waited but no other kids showed up. Finally toward the end of the time we had Martin called Genesis to come to the building. We explained to her the functions of our disposable camera and sent her on a mission to take at least 10 photos using her imagination. With that we asked if she had any work, but she said she didn’t so we dismissed her. We learned from the experience because in Flor de Bastion usually the kids show up without having to tell them, but here in Guasmo we would have to send out reminders to the families. 

Michael with some Starfish Scholars from Guasmo.

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