Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Introducing the Photo Project in Flor

Today we were working in Flor de Bastion. When we arrived at the house we took down all the chairs and tables. All the children came down and we set up the chairs in a circle so no one would feel left out. Martin then had them write their names down and asked if they had any questions for me. He then explained the photo project to the kids as best he could and I think they understand. 

We then broke the kids up into groups to brainstorm ideas for what to do and not to do with the cameras. The kids had a harder time coming up with ideas then the kids at Mi Cometa. I think it may have been the way Martin explained it or because the kids at Mi Cometa have a much larger group. We added stuff to the group we were helping, giving them ideas so they could get moving with other ideas. The group was definitely not as rowdy as the Mi Cometa group. We came together to share our notes and all the kids spoke, behaved well, and listened. 

The whole time we were split into groups Lily was using the camera to take pictures of everything that was happening. We finished explaining the photo project and had the kids make a pledge to take care of the cameras. I then got out the crackers and peanut butter and right away some of the girls knew what it was. Only Evelyn and Argenis preferred the crackers without the peanut butter, the rest of the kids seemed to love it. We then played the ninja game with the kids, I think they understood the game well because Martin was one of the first out. We then played a game where we had our hands on the table and one slap meant keep going the same direction, while two slaps reverses the flow. It took a while, but the kids understood. After that we played some Uno with all the kids and Melina won way before everyone else, she keeps winning it is ridiculous. The kids were packing up to leave already so we put the tables and chairs away. 

Lily’s mom then invited us in to eat some rice with lentils and tomatoes. She had already served us so I couldn’t say no to her, especially since they don’t have much. It was heartwarming to see someone with so little offer you things out of the kindness of your heart. I was very humbled by the mother. I normally can’t stand the taste of tomatoes, but for the first time I ate a full cut up tomato. Lily had a test the next day so we asked her if she needed help studying. We helped her a little with her math and English. These students are so engaged in learning that they are willing to learn a new language instead of just relaxing at home. I don’t know many kids these days that even do their homework, let alone go off by themselves to work on other things.

Martin and Michael in Flor de Bastion.

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