Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meetings galore! from Michael & Martin


It was our first day back in Guayaquil after a trip to Quito and I needed a haircut. The unique thing about the haircut was the lady that cut my hair came to the house we are staying at. It was a different experience getting my haircut where I am staying; it shows me how different our cultures can be. After we were ready we went to Mi Cometa for a meeting with the kids. The meeting was to introduce the photography project to the kids. My mother came with us so that she could explain the project to the kids. Arriving at Mi Cometa we had to get the keys from Andres to open the upstairs room. The kids arrived around 1:30 and started to come in one by one. Martin went with a few of the girls to get drinks and snacks while my mom and I waited for the rest of the kids to get there. Finally, pretty much everyone showed up and we were able to begin. We started the meeting with a name game where we had to say our name then followed by our favorite fruit. I couldn’t think of anything so I just said “Melon”.  Then Martin asked the kids if they had any questions for my mother or I. They had asked our favorite color, what I study, and where I go to school. We started the meeting by telling them about the cameras. We explained the two types of cameras and how they work. We then explained the type of work we were going to be doing with the camera and followed up with the main goal of the project. We then broke off into groups to make a list of rules for the camera. We sort of made it into a contest making it girls versus boys. We sat at the boys circle and they were saying some pretty crazy stuff that would make all of us laugh. One of the boys said, “Don’t take the camera into the bathroom”, which was pretty much implied but I told them they could write it just in case. We finished with that little game and then shared our rules with the whole group. Most of the girls answers were nice and a few basic rules. They said things like, “take pictures of flowers, people, and other beautiful things”. The boys were more focused on the actual rules of the cameras; it was interesting to see the comparison in the thinking of the kids. We then passed out snacks for the kids and while I did that Martin had the kids take a picture, with the digital camera, of the person to the right of them. My mom demonstrated first and the kids learned quickly.  Our meeting was pretty much done after that so we did a few icebreakers. We played the “Cow” and “Ninja” game. The Cow game went by pretty fast because it is a trick that is played on one of the kids. During the game I had to take one of the kids outside so my mom could explain they were playing a trick on him. I took Geovanny to the roof and was able to have a conversation with him. I found out that he plays volleyball and soccer. I told him one of the days I come I will play with him. I also asked if he has a girlfriend, but he said no. Then I said, “Tienes dos novias?” he laughed at me and agreed. I was glad I was able to connect with one of the kids because during the meeting I felt so distant because I wasn’t speaking much.  The Ninja game took a little longer, but the kids really enjoyed it. I was one of the winners along with Andres. We then told the kids the schedule for us being able to work with them and had them all write it down. We closed the meeting and the kids roamed free for a while. Some of the girls asked me what my favorite type of music was and I told them I didn’t really have a favorite type. Then a little later two of the girls wanted to take a picture with me so I gladly agreed to. Then, Geovanny came running in so we took a group photo it was pretty cool. I had to bend down a lot though because I tower over all the kids. All in all it was a great day and the kids were super excited to meet us. I look forward to working with all these kids for the next few weeks.

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