Friday, July 27, 2012

Michael & Martin - day four

Today we were working again in Flor de Bastion. We went straight to the piece of land where we set up and are allowed to play with the kids. Today Martin brought some English books so the kids could get a look at them. Christian, Samantha, and a few more kids were already there while we set up some tables. We played a couple of games of Uno that took forever for us to finish. More kids started to show up as we played and they just jumped in to join the game. After a while Christian, Martin and I started to play soccer with Christian's little cousin. Everyone pretty much started doing their own thing at that point. Samantha joined us so we started playing volleyball with everyone, even one of the other girls, Ana, jumped in to play with us. We were having a blast then we all sat down and the kids were talking to me. They asked me questions about how to say things in English, and then they asked if I could sing for them. I wasn’t prepared to sing anything so I got kind of embarrassed. The kids started chanting, but usually when I am asked to sing I forget all the songs that I know. I told Christian that if he went first I would follow. Christian didn’t end up singing, but one of the older guys named Jordan sang and he sings really well. The girls sang next and at that point we were all just hanging out. Then they asked if we could dance and what type of music we liked to dance to. Samantha offered to dance with me, but it was getting late and we had to pack up so we promised them to do it next week. These are all such great kids that were put into difficult situations but if they keep on the path they are on they should have no problem becoming what they aspire to be. 

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