Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Interns Michael & Martin continue...


Today we went to Mi Cometa and it took around an hour. On the way Martin showed me the buses we would be taking and we passed by Flor De Bastion. When we arrived to Mi Cometa I wasn’t sure what to expect, but our hosts were always looking out for us. I was a little surprised to see it looked very similar to some of the places I have visited in Mexico. We went inside the establishment and found Janet. Our mom went with us and they made small talk while we got a tour of the building. My mom was quick to make friends with the workers there and they seemed to like my mom. We finally got into the meeting with the parents and a couple of students. The room was bare with no chairs and no air conditioning but I don’t mind the change much because I can adapt to my surroundings very well. Starting the meeting Janet introduced who we are and what we were going to be doing with the organization. I believe they had already met Martin, but I wasn’t sure. Janet introduced me as Martin’s little brother, then my name.  It was really funny to see all the reactions of the parents because they immediately lifted their hands motioning how much taller I am then him. Janet had us grab some chairs to sit down while she began presenting the agenda for the meeting. We started off with an ice breaker which was introducing our names, naming our favorite animals, and having to move like the animals we said. I chose a tiger so got down on all fours and growled, embarrassing myself in front of the parents. I remember Maria was a turtle, my mom was a tortoise, Martin was a lion, Fernando was a horse, but was reluctant to get on all fours so he pretended to ride the horse. We then broke off into couples where we had to describe each of our parents and tell how that has affected the person we are today. I was paired with a woman named Maria. She only spoke Spanish so I had to explain to her I didn’t speak much, but was able to understand most of it, so I thought. I found out later that the woman I was speaking to husband died around 2 years ago; she had two children in the program now and 5 children in all. The oldest is 20 years old, but she described him as not being her son anymore. Another man, Fernando, just lost his job and is taking care of one boy in the program that isn’t his biological son, but he considers the young man to be his son. One of the most heartfelt stories came from a grandmother of the child; I couldn’t understand her but my mom translated it after the meeting. She is an older woman taking care of her grandchild because the parents forgot about the child. She has to go out and find work every day just to provide food on the table; she described the situation as just trying to survive day by day putting bread on the table. These stories touched my heart because I was able to see all the excess I live in. I don’t really ask for much from my parents anymore, but still go out with friends and use more money then I should. I wish I could take back all that I have asked for in my life and put the money to help people in these situations.

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