Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Day of Integration!

Sunday, June 17: Dia de Integracion - Estrellitas del Mar
We spent our Father's Day 2012 bonding as a whole group. Here's a play-by-play of what we did this day.

Mi Cometa's driver brings the Starfish Scholars from Guasmo to Flor de Bastion. Jenn had the place all decorated! Two friends of ours, Becky and Marita, joined us for this day. The three of us were so excited to see all the work Jenn had done in Guayaquil with Starfish thus far! 

Jenn and I each gave some opening remarks, and then one student each from Flor de Bastion and Guasmo spoke. Check out the videos on Facebook soon to see these speeches!

The students from Flor did a skit about honesty and solidarity. Finding money on the ground ... do you return it to the owner or spend it yourself? What if you are really in need? Starfish Scholars tells us that it's important to be honest and live in solidarity with those who have worked hard for their earnings.

Becky popped one of the flour balloons on our head. Thanks Becks :)

Becky and Marita were pulled to dance by Dayanna and Geovanny!

Lili, Arelisa and Pamela's mom Elena serving the lasagna. Cristhian's mom made the delicious lunch for us!

Becky, Marita, Beth and Jenn! <3 

Making Father's Day cards! Samantha, pictured here, won one of the two prizes.

Dayanna working on her card.

Jenn with some of the supportive family members in Flor de Bastion - Cristhian (in aqua), his sisters and mom (left) and Pamela's mom, Elena (right). We couldn't do it without them!

2012-2013 Starfish Scholars <3 

Jenn gave Samantha her Father's Day card award, and here I am giving Anthony his!

MIL GRACIAS to the four Scholars who have turned in EVERYTHING on time!

As Jenn says, here at Starfish, birthdays are really important to us. Look how many people we sang to for June and July!

Thanks for a great celebration, Jenn! It was so wonderful to meet all these incredible young leaders. <3 

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