Saturday, July 7, 2012

Martin's First Day in Ecuador!

Hi =]

Me and my family made it safely to Ecuador! And much to my delight I was surprised to see Senora Elena, Lily, and Christian greet me at the airport!! They met my parents and my brother and I know i'll be seeing them really soon! My family was picked up by some family friend's and we are spending the night at their house, but first thing in the morning,  7am, I am leaving to Urdesa to meet up with Angelo and move into the apartment Jenn and Beth have so graciously found for me! Then, in the evening I will head to Guasmo for a meeting at Mi Cometa headquarters. All is going to plan with homework help and the photo project starting up  +Monday! =] Look out for more posts by the end of the week!!

Peace and Love,


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